Nervously Twitching…

I can’t think of a witty or even a remotely intelligent, catchy first ever line for my first ever blog post so, I’ll just introduce myself I guess. Hi! My name is Kim.

I’m not entirely confident that starting a blog is a good idea, or even my reasoning behind wanting to start a blog. In fact, I should be writing an essay right now so it could just be a really ironic form of procrastination? I guess I have a lot of thoughts that go through my head everyday. Good ideas and bad ideas. Silly suggestions and ridiculous questions that I’m too scared to ask. I feel passionately about and would like to think myself an advocate of positivity and mental health, yet I suppose I shy away from saying some of the things I’d like to say. I guess having a blog gives me a space to share all my crazy, possibly irrational, most likely uninteresting thoughts, experiences and embarrassing stories about college life.

I suffer from generalised and social anxiety and in a bid to overcome my fears and build myself into a stronger and more confident person, this blog could prove to be a stepping stone in the right direction. I am trying to encourage myself to conquer small fears and face insecurities head on in an attempt to become overall, happier and more positive.

I don’t have a set vision for what I want my blog to be about. I feel like there’s not many topics that I know enough about to be able to constantly write interesting posts on, except myself! My college experience so far has been nothing less than amazing but of course, i’ve had a few bumps along the way. This year i’ve come out of myself so much and am, I feel, an almost entirely different person to who I was this time last year. Since my blog is, I guess just all about my experiences and me, what better topic to start off with, than my first year of college and all that it has entailed! Since it has been the making of me.

So anyway, I hope this whole new adventurous idea isn’t a bad one. I hope that what I have to say is of some interest to someone. I hope that this isn’t going to be one of those many, many projects that I start with great intentions and give up on after a week.

Smile always,

Kim. X



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